Resolution Archives

Below are the 2023 Resolutions

Resolution 2023-01 Holidays, Travel Rates
Resolution 2023-02 Posting Location
Resolution 2023-03 Commission Mtg Dates
Resolution 2023-04 Appt Superintendent of Schools
Resolution 2023-05 TRFD Annexation
Resolution 2023-06 Budget Amendment
Resolution 2023-07 Budget Amendment
Resolution 2023-08 Est Library Depreciation Reserve Fund
Resolution 2023 09 Est Days/Hrs of Operation for County Offices
Resolution 2023-10 Appoint Special Deputy Attorneys
Resolution 2023-11 Designating Environmental Certifying Official
Resolution 2023-12 Adopting and Designating the Official Precinct Boundaries
Resolution 2023-13 Est Precinct Boundaries in Lincoln County
Resolution 2023-14 Setting Lincoln County Commissioner Districts
Resolution 2023-15 Authorize Submission of MDOT Grant Application
Resolution 2023-16 LC Rural Fire District #1 Adoption of the 2021 International Fire Code
Resolution 2023-17 Adopting a Planning Fee Schedule
Resolution 2023-18 Set Elected Official Base Salaries
Resolution 2023-19 Set Justice of the Peace Base Salary
Resolution 2023-20 Intent to Increase the Refuse Assessment Fee
Resolution 2023-21 Increase Solid Waste Disposal Fee
Resolution 2023-22 Intent to Hold A Special Elect. to Adopt or Reject Local Option Tax Of 3% on Marijuana Sales
Resolution 2023-23 Intent to Amend Fisher River Valley FSA Fee Schedule
Resolution 2023-24 Emergency Resolution Prohibiting Open Burning
Resolution 2023-25 Amended Emergency Resolution Prohibiting Open Burning
Resolution 2023-26 Emergency Resolution Prohibiting Open Burning Stage II
Resolution 2023-27 Amend Elected Official Base Salary
Resolution 2023-28 Intent to Amend Troy TV Fee Schedule
Resolution 2023-29 Amend Fisher River Valley FSA Fee Schedule
Resolution 2023-30 Rescind Fire Stage I and II Restrictions
Resolution 2023-31 Levies for LC FY2023-2024
Resolution 2023-32 Budget Amendment
Resolution 2023-33 Intent to Dissolve Troy Area Dispatch District, Permanently Transfer Services to LC Sheriff’s Office
Resolution 2023-34 Fix State, School Equalization Mill Levy FY July 1 , 2023-June 30, 2024
Resolution 2023-35 Amend Troy TV District Fee Schedule
Resolution 2023-36 To Dissolve Troy Area Dispatch District and Permanently Transfer Dispatch Service to Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
Resolution 2023-37 Authorize MACO to Represent LC Seeking Declaratory Judgment from MT Supreme Court Statewide Mills
Resolution 2023-38 Amend Resolution 2023-01 Meal Reimbursement Rates
Resolution 2023-39 Amend Resolution 2023-22 Local-Option Marijuana Tax Effective Date to 90 Days after Election
Resolution 2023-40 Budget Amendment