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The Lincoln County Superintendent of Schools is an office of one employee and as such, there are times when county superintendent is working out of office on school business, trainings, meeting schedules, MT. statutory obligations, unforeseen circumstances etc. The public can always reach the county superintendent through email at, call  (406)283-2464; or use the drop box located in the vestibule of the office building located at 418 Main Ave to deposit teacher’s licenses and home school notifications.

This office will be as timely as possible in responding to any phone calls, emails, or other correspondence.

The position of the County Superintendent of Schools is elected by the public for a four-year term. The officeholder is required to be a certified teacher with at least three years of teaching experience.

The County Superintendent has general supervision of the public schools of the County. This supervision includes financial concerns, transportation, tuition, centralized clerical, and administrative functions prescribed by law. The Superintendent also provides general supervision of the home schools throughout the County.

The Superintendent has direct supervision over the three Class III schools in the County, assisting the trustees with budgeting and finance; recruitment; placement and supervision of teachers; curriculum development; teacher in-service training, attending school board meetings and other school matters.

The Class III schools are:





General Services

In general, this office functions as the central source for information on education as well as a clearinghouse and distribution center of this information for all County residents.

This office provides numerous services to the educational community. This website was created to make some of those services available to users via the Internet. However, not all our information is available here so we encourage visitors to contact our office if you have any questions or need information which could not be found here.


As Chief County School Financial Officer calculate budgets and levies for the following:

General fund.

Transportation fund.

Retirement fund.

Tuition fund.

Bus Depreciation.

Adult Education.

Flex and Technology Fund.

Debt Service.

Building Reserve.

Certify district ANB.

Compile annual financial report.

Distribute County Equalization revenues.


Hear and decide all matters of controversy arising because of decision of the trustees of a district in the county.


Record all official acts:

School district organization.

School district abandonment.

Establishment of nominating districts.

Distribution of private revenue.

Teacher supervision and evaluation.

School controversies/hearings.

County Transportation Committee acts.

Record and preserve records:

Attendance agreements.

Transportation contracts.

Student enrollment/attendance records.

Annual Collection Data.

Election Calendar and data (trustee, mill levy, bond).

Student record.

Final budgets.

Trustee annual reports.

School district audits.

Personnel records.

Home school registration.

Register and file:

Register all professional licenses.

Bus driver certificates.

Bus inspection certificates.

Trustee’s certificate of election/appointment.

Trustee’s oath of office.


Chairman of the County Transportation Committee.

Coordinate the Lincoln County Spelling Bee

Attendance officer for a district under prescribed conditions.


Carry out duties prescribed by the Legislature, Board of Public Education, and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

As a county government official and county school officer, provide general supervision of public schools in the county.

Assist trustees with school supervision.

Advise and direct teachers on instruction, pupil discipline and other duties of the teacher.

Visit schools at the request of the trustees.

Consult with the trustees on all school matters that may be found during the observation of the school or may otherwise come to their attention.

Provide supervision to any school with an enrollment of fewer than 150 students and not under the supervision of a district superintendent or principal.

Administer oaths of office to trustees.

Provide other services to districts that fall within the scope of state statues.

Promote educational growth and improvement.

Lincoln County Schools Finance Report FY22

Home School Notification 2023-24 sr

Immunization Waiver

Lincoln County Schools Finance Report FY21

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