Study Commission

The local government review process was initiated by Article XI, Section 9 of the 1972 Constitution. Required every 10 years, the local government review election asks voters to decide if they want to review their local government.
In the 2014 primary election, the voters of Lincoln County supported a review of our County government. In the November general election, 5 study commission members were elected. Their contact information is listed on the left. Greg Larson a County Commissioner has been appointed as an ex-officio member (as outlined in 7-3-177, MCA).
The purpose of the study commission is to study the existing form and powers of the local government and compare them with other forms available under the laws of the State of Montana. The study commission members must write a report detailing their recommendations for changes to the County government. Any recommendations for change by the study Commission are presented to the voters of the County for approval or rejection. Any proposed changes must be presented to the voters no later than the 2016 general election.