Lincoln County Landfills

Lincoln County Solid Waste operates landfills in Libby, Eureka, Troy and Happy’s Inn. Our goal is to provide for safe, convenient recycling and waste disposal while protecting human health and the environment.
Lincoln County Solid Waste Regulations require you to secure your load when traveling on any county roadway!
Garbage or refuse transported on roads of the county must be protected from the wind and be loaded in such a manner that none of it shall fall, drop or spill upon the ground. Rubbish and refuse shall be transported in such a manner as not to litter a roadway.
Download & Share the Secure/Covered Loads Brochure (PDF)

2023 Landfill Annual Report

Landfill Locations and Hours:

Libby Landfill
2501 Pipe Creek Road
(406) 293-7146
Open Monday–Saturday 8:00am to 6:00pm
Closed Sunday and holidays

Eureka Landfill
653 Airport Road
(406) 889-5117
Open Monday–Friday 8:00am to 5:30pm
Open Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm
Closed Sunday and holidays

Troy Landfill
273 Dump Road
(406) 283-1713
Open Monday-Saturday, 10:00am to 6:00pm
Closed Sunday and holidays

For green box site locations and hours of operation click here

Private companies serve most of Lincoln County with trash pickup for a fee.
Call to inquire about your needs.

Libby and Troy – Evergreen Disposal: (406) 293-3711

Eureka – Evergreen Disposal: (406) 297-2777

Lincoln County Landfills Accept:

  • yard waste
  • general home waste
  • used appliances
  • scrap metal
  • wood products
  • concrete
  • batteries (auto or lead acid)
  • motor oil**
  • anti freeze**
    **Happy’s Inn and Troy transfer stations do not accept these products.

Landfill Fee Schedule

There is no per use fee for disposal of household wastes at landfills or greenbox sites. Landfill operations are supported through the $135/unit refuse assessment fee paid with property taxes. If you have any questions before bringing a load, you may want to contact the landfill so your load is not refused.

Click here for the current landfill fee schedule.

Asbestos Information

Please review the Demolition project requirements for contractors and homeowners for asbestos inspection requirements and information for disposal of construction and demolition debris. Contact the Lincoln County Asbestos Resource Program for addiitonal information or if you have questions.

Asbestos Waste Shipment Manifest

Please contact the Montana Asbestos Control Program for information on state regulations associated construction and demolition projects being completed public/commercial buildings.

Helpful Links

  Lincoln County Solid Waste Regulation – October 2017 Revised 8 NOV 2017
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