Junk Vehicles

Enacted in 1973, the Montana Motor Vehicle Recycling and Disposal Act, commonly known as the Junk Vehicle Law controls the establishment, licensing and operation of motor vehicle wrecking facilities within the State. The law states that anyone buying, selling or dealing in four or more vehicles per year must be licensed as a motor vehicle wrecking facility. Also anyone that buys, sells, or deals in secondhand motor vehicle parts must be licensed as a motor vehicle wrecking facility.

The law also addresses junk vehicles on private property. The definition of a junk vehicle, including component parts is as follows:

  1. A vehicle that is discarded, ruined, wrecked, or dismantled;
  2. A vehicle that remains inoperative or incapable of being driven.
  3. A vehicle that is not lawfully and validly licensed  *If a vehicle is permanently registered, but meets the criteria for a junk vehicle, the vehicle is a junk vehicle.

A vehicle must meet all of the above to qualify as a junk vehicle.

Information about the 1973 Montana Junk Vehicle Law can be found on the Montana Department of Environmental Quality website.

The following link provides answers to frequently asked questions about the Junk Vehicle Law

Lincoln County Junk Vehicle Program

Paid for through Montana vehicle licensing fees, the Junk Vehicle Program provides the public with free removal of junk vehicles yearlong, depending on access.
If you would like to have a junk vehicle or vehicles removed from your property, please submit a junk vehicle release form to us.

Junk Vehicle Release Form

Junk Trailer Program

Click HERE for information on disposal of junk trailers/mobile homes.