Body Art

For Consumers

Tattooing and body piercing carry risks of infection and bloodborne disease transmission as well as allergic reactions, prolonged bleeding, swelling, scarring, and general discomfort. Existing medical conditions such as allergies, heart disease, diabetes, skin disorders, or conditions that affect the immune system may increase the risk of complications from tattooing and body piercing. You may wish to speak with a physician regarding potential health risks before getting a tattoo or body piercing.

For more information, go to:
Us Food & Drug Administration – Are Tattoos Safe?

If you get a tattoo or body piercing, make sure the person:
•Washes their hands before tattooing and uses clean gloves
•Cleans the skin to be tattooed or pierced
•Uses a disposable razor to shave the skin if needed
•Uses sterile needles, tubes, clamps, and single use ink cups
•Provides aftercare instructions ahead of time and after procedure
•For tattoo: covers the tattooed skin with a sterile bandage

For Artists

To apply for a license, artists need to download a fillable Plan Review Application for Tattooing or Piercing Establishment and submit with all required documents mentioned in the application to the Lincoln County Environmental Health Department.
Plan Review Application