Landfill Fee Schedule

There is no per use fee for disposal of bagged residential wastes at landfills or greenbox sites. Landfill operations are supported through the $135/unit refuse assessment fee paid with property taxes. If you have any questions before bringing a load, you may want to contact the landfill so your load is not refused.

Click here for a printable version of the current landfill fee schedule

Basic Landfill Fee Schedule

Demolition, construction and clean up debris
$8.00 cubic yard
*Unsorted loads may be refused and/or
charged a penalty of an additional $16.00 cubic yard

Concrete, rock, dirt not able to use for cover material
$8.00 cubic yard

Asbestos Containing Material
$32.00 cubic yard

Tires – Industrial and Commercial Loads Only
Passenger:  $1.75 each
Medium truck:  $4.00 each

Off Road Tires
$20.00 each

Less than 6 cubic yards: $45.00 a load
6 cubic yards and above: $100.00 a load

Refuse Assessment Review

You may request a review of your refuse unit assessment by filling out and submitting the online form below.
Refuse Assessment Form