Water Quality

Individuals and families serviced by public water systems such as ‘city water’ and department approved public water supplies can rest assured that the quality of the water they are receiving is being monitored and checked frequently by state and local entities like the Lincoln County Health Department.

But… what about those of us using private wells? In the case of private wells sampling and testing for water quality is the responsibility of the owners, and Lincoln County is here to help you get the testing you need.

CDC: Drinking Water

EPA: National Primary Drinking Water Regulations

Montana Department of Environmental Quality

Water Test Kits

Lincoln County Environmental Health keeps water sampling kits on hand for anyone who might be concerned or curious about the purity of their drinking water.
Samples can be gathered directly from your tap or well head after which they are mailed to an EPA and State of Montana approved environmental laboratory along with payment. The results arrive with the mail in as little as two weeks.

Testing for individual substances is available or you can take advantage of the substantial savings that a ‘package test’ offers the consumer.

Packages available include:

  • $350 Drinking Water Package
    33 Tests and a $200 savings
  • $150 Drinking Water Package
    17 Tests and a $130 savings
  • $98 Drinking Water Package
    13 Tests and a $120 savings
  • $75 EPA’s “bare minimum”
    6 Tests and a $25 savings

Free Bacteria tests are available from our office!

Montana Environmental Lab Pricing Catalog

Montana Environmental Lab’s Website

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