How to adopt a pet


Why Adopt an Animal?

Lincoln County Pet Adoption is a great way to find your new best friend!
There are many benefits to adopting a dog or cat over buying. Pet adoption costs less than buying from a breeder, they come with all the vaccinations, and most have already been seen by a vet! Also, adoption pets usually come from home where they have already been house-trained and you will know more about the animal’s temperment versus buying an animal from a breeder. (i.e Is the animal good with kids?)
Contact the organizations listed below for more information and availability of adoptable animals!

Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter

19 Independence Way
Eureka, MT 59917
(406) 889-5457
Facebook Page

Friends of the Shelter, Libby

255 County Shop Road
Libby, MT 59923
(406) 293-5665
Facebook Page

Kootenai Pets for Life

125 County Shop Road
Libby, MT 59923
(406) 293-5735
Facebook Page