Greenbox Sites

Lincoln County provides greenboxes in numerous locations to make disposal of household garbage more convenient for our residents. Large items, such as furniture, cannot be disposed of at these container sites. No salvaging is allowed.
Evergreen Disposal is contracted to maintain all greenbox sites, and issues or questions regarding these sites can be directed to them at (406) 293-3711 or to Lincoln County at (406) 283-2442.
Thirteen of the county sites are fenced to prevent bear activity.  *Three of these sites have set hours from April – November and are open 24 hours/day from December – March.

Name & Location of Greenbox Sites Available for Public Use:

City of Libby:
Fisher River

Hwy 2 South:
*Libby Creek (47 mm)
   April – November 7AM to 7PM
Happy’s Inn

Hwy 56:
Savage Lake (33 mm)
Hecla / Asarco Mine Rd (20mm)

City of Eureka:
Eureka Landfill
*Glen Lake
   April – November 7AM to 7PM

City of Troy:
Troy Landfill (16 mm)
Ballpark (behind elementary)

Yaak – Hwy 508:
Yaak Hill
Fourth of July (11.5 mm)
*Upper Yaak (29 ¾ mm)
   April – November 8AM to 6PM



Pinkham Creek


West Kootenai