Rural Addressing/GIS

The most important reason for having a county assigned address for your property is to make it easy for 9-1-1 emergency services to reach you and your family in case of need. A community’s safety and welfare depend on the ability of emergency services to quickly locate every property, thereby necessitating uniform address assignment throughout the County. Lincoln County’s assigned address is part of a system of emergency services, atlas, maps, and computer data information that is utilized by all 9-1-1 emergency service units.

Rural Addressing/GIS also includes road renaming and signage. Placing road signs is one of the final and more important tasks in addressing. A frequent complaint about road signs is that they are often hidden by tree branches. Annual trimming can eliminate this problem. All road signs are to be order through Lincoln County Rural Addressing/GIS

Address Validation
Click here to Validate your address: Lincoln County Address Validation

Address numbers shall consist of at least two digits and assigned every 10.5 feet along both sides of the road, with even numbers on the right and odd on the left.

Display Address Number
Structure is within fifty feet of the road right of way will display the assigned number in the front of the structure in a highly visible location
Structures over fifty feet from road right of way or visibility of the structure is obstructed the assigned number will be displayed on a post, fence, wall mailbox or on some structure at the property line next to the access to the residence

Size and Color
Numbers are to be displayed in a color or finish that is distinct from the background and six inches (or larger) in height.

Cost and installation are the property owner or person in charge of the house or building

Address Request Form
Appendix A – Lincoln County Guidelines for private road naming and addressing (attach)

Roads are to be named when two or more separate properties, residences or any one lot over 10 acres that can be further developed regardless of private or public ownership.

Display Road Name
All roads signs are to be order through the Lincoln County Rural Addressing/GIS for consistency
Petition for Naming a Private Road
Road Sign Order Form

Done by the property owner or developer. Placed on intersection approaches, a supplemental road name sign may be erected separately or below an intersection-related warning sign
Appendix A – Lincoln County Guidelines for private road naming and addressing (attach)

Printable maps (FUTURE)
You may order printed maps from the GIS department. Better yet, contact a local printer! Below prices are for County printed maps; independent printers fees may vary.

Map prices:
City maps
Fire District maps
County Maps
Road Index
Road Atlas

Lincoln County – layers

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