Declaration of Homestead

By signing a legal document known as a homestead declaration, Montanans can protect up to $250,000 in value of a home against most creditors’ claims.  A homestead is the house or mobile home that a person lives in and land on which it sits.  The property must be a person’s primary residence for it to be eligible for a homestead declaration.  For more information on using a Homestead Declaration to Protect Your Home from Creditors, visit or see a local Title Company.

Information & Forms

Declaration of Homestead Information (PDF)

Declaration of Homestead Application (PDF Fillable Form)

Affidavit For Termination of Joint Tenancy

Transfer on Death Deed

A Transfer on Death Deed allows owners of real property in Montana to transfer it at death to one or more designated beneficiaries without probate. For more information visit or see a local Title Company.

Information & Forms

Transfer on Death Deeds in Montana Information (FDF)

Revocable Transfer on Death Deed (one)

Revocable Transfer on Death Deed (multiple)

Affidavit of Death for Montana Transfer on Death Dead

Revocation of a Transfer on Death Deed

Realty Transfer Certificate

The Realty Transfer Certificate is a Department of Revenue document required with any transfer of interest in real estate.  For example, an RTC is required with every recorded Deed or Termination of Joint Tenancy.

Information & Forms

Realty Transfer Certificate (PDF Fillable Form)

Helpful Mining & Mineral Links

The Bureau Of Land Management (BLM) state offices are the only place where the complete set of land and mineral records for federal lands in a particular state, including mining claim records, are filed and available for public inspection. Anyone who has questions on mining claims or who needs paperwork related to their claim will be directed to contact the state BLM office or one of the links below.

BLM Mining and Minerals Page:


Mining Claims & Sites on Federal Lands: