Noxious Weed Department

The Lincoln County Noxious Weed Dristict Board is committed to the implementation of a comprehensive vegetation management program to prevent, contain, reduce, or eradicate noxious weed species and provide safe travel vectors within the boundaries of Lincoln County while protecting the native species of Montana.

You can learn more by downloading our Noxious Weed Plan:
Lincoln County Weed Plan (PDF)

Lincoln County Noxious Weed Department is responsible for controlling the noxious weeds and vegetation on the rights-of-way along County and State roads. The Department abides by the County and State Noxious Weed Plans and acts in accordance with the EPA label requirements of the herbicides being used.

Mike Bradeen
Lincoln County Noxious Weed Department
2500 Pipe Creek Rd.
Libby, MT 59923