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Lincoln County CWPP draft 03/07/23


To preserve and enhance Montana’s natural and manmade resources by mobilizing all Montanans to make their homes, neighborhoods, and communities fire safe. Lincoln County FireSafe Council is a nonprofit group that is here to help citizens of the county prepare for a wildfire.


  • Provide leadership for and coordinate voluntary FireSafe activities in Lincoln County.
  • Provide technical assistance, information, resource materials, and other help to landowners and other concerned citizens to help them assess their risks from wildfire, increase preparedness, and reduce risks where possible.
  • Encourage and facilitate homeowners’, homeowner’s associations, and others’ voluntary participation in developing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating FireSafe programs and activities.
  • Provide representation from Lincoln County to FireSafe Montana, a non-profit organization which serves as a bridge between local FireSafe Councils around the state and the regional and national interests and policy makers whose activities affect the successful implementation of those Councils’ wildfire mitigation activities.
  • Update, revise and help implement the Lincoln County CWPP
  • Work and collaborate with local, state, and federal agencies (Local fire departments, DNRC, USFS, and Flathead Economic Policy Center) on projects of mutual interest.
  • Encourage students in the county to take an active part in the Lincoln County FireSafe Council.
  • Provide the leadership for FireWise education in the county.

Contact Information
Jennifer Nelson
Lincoln Co. Forester