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City of Troy

Troy Chamber of Commerce

The Troy community offers an abundance of recreational opportunities.
From simply hiking outdoors, walking to stay in shape, snowmobiling in the winter months, camping, nature trails, boating or rafting on the Kootenai river, bird watching, and of course plenty of fishing year round!

Roosevelt Park:
• Osprey Pavilion
• 10 Picnic Tables
• Barbeque Area
• 3 Baseball Fields
• Soccer Field
• Basketball Court
• Children’s Playground
• Cooling Pond
• Fishing Pond
• Boat Launch

Troy’s Old Fashioned
4th of July Celebration is held here!

Walking Path at Roosevelt Park
The nice asphalt-walking path is 8 feet wide. If you walk all the loops it is a little over 2 miles.

Airport Walking Path:
If you walk the entire path including where it starts right outside of town, it is almost 2 ½ miles.

Ross Creek Cedars:
The Ross Creek Cedars Scenic Area is located 29 miles south of Troy off Hwy 56 on Ross Creek Rd 398. The scenic area is 100 acres in size and is home to cedar trees 1,000 years old. A 0.9 mile long accessible loop trail will lead you along a path with informative signs of the history and ecology of the many plant and animal species native to the grove.

The ancient trees themselves can stretch up as far as 175 feet above the forest floor, and can be an awesome eight feet in diameter. As well as being big many of these cedars make for extremely photogenic locals so be sure to bring your camera for that ‘selfie’!

Kootenai Falls & Swinging Bridge:
Kootenai falls is the largest undammed falls in the state of Montana. Just downstream from Kootenai Falls, accessible from the same parking area and path, is the swinging bridge. Featured in the movie The River Wild, the swinging bridge crosses the Kootenai and connects to other hiking paths. Adventurous visitors cross the bridge to get better views of the falls. Kayakers cross to gain access to the Super Hole and other river access points.