Public Notices

This page features current notices, information, links and documents relevant to Lincoln County citizens. This page is constantly updated, so make sure to check back often.

Current Notices

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   Treas. / Supt of Schools
   Board Vacancies
   BOH Vacancy
   Tax Appeal Board Vacancy
   BOH Vacancy
   Municipal Close of Registration
   CDBG Trego
   Rainy Creek Road
   Board Vacancies
   Boyd Hill Vacancy
   LCRFD Annex
   Library Board Vacancy

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   Board Vacancies
   Tax Appeal Session
   Board Vacancies
   Asphalt Bid
   Advertising Bid
   Gas Bid
   RD Oil Bid
   Janitorial Bid
   Fisher River Fee Increase
   Leases Up for Bid
   Board Vacancies
   Post Election Audit

   Special District Election
    Board Vacancies
   Amend Addressing Draft/See highlighted portions
   Board of Health Vacancy
   Slauson Road Abandon

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No Current Bids

Public Notices
   Public Health Public Hearing
  Planning Board Vacancy
  TRFD Annexation
   FSA Vacancies
   Board Vacancies
  LCRFD Public Hearing for Annexation
  Fee Changes 
  Weed Board Vacancy
   Board Vacancies
   Silver Butte Road Speed Limit Change
   BOH Vacancy
   TVID Vacancies

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  Port Authority Vacancies
  FSA Board Vacancies
  Fire and Park District Vacancies
 LC Ordinances
  Snowshoe Abandonment
  Shooting Range Meeting
  LCRFD Public Hearing
  Troy Lake Creek TV Vacancy
  2 Board Vacancies
  Tax Board Information
  Board Vacancies
  Em Kayan Vacancy
  EMS Advisory Board
  LCRFD Annexation
  LCRFD Annexation
  UPPER YAAK Vacancy
  Board Vacancies
  Decay Ordinance

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  Board Vacancies May 2017
  Tax Appeal Board Vacancy
  Board Vacancies April 2017
  Public Health Budget Amendment
  BLRFD Annexation
  BLITZ Event
  McCormick Vacancy
  Fortine Vacancy 
  Board Vacancies Dec 2017
  Library Mid Term
   Snow Removal Ordinance

{slider title=”2016 Public Notices” class=”icon” open=”false”}
 Port Authority Vacancy
  LCRFD Vacancy
  Board Vacancies
  Board Vacancies Troy Fire District
   Board Vacancies Libby Park District
FY16-17 Preliminary Budget Hearing
Tax Appeal Board Annual Session
Title III Public Comment Period
Notice Of Board Openings – Application Deadline April 30th, 2016
TRFD Public Hearing
LCRFD Public Hearing
Troy Rural Annexations
Alpine Public Notice
Board Openings Expiring April 16th
Notice Of Opening Of Filing For Office

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Study Commission Public Notice
Cabinet View Fire Service Area Petition 
District Board Vacancies – December 2015