Found Property

Found Property turned over to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office will be held for a period of 90 days.  After 90 days, if an owner is not identified, the property may be disposed of pursuant to §25-13-704, Montana Code Annotated. Conduct of sale.

Generally Title 70, Chapter 5, Montana Code Annotated. Rights and Duties of Finders Generally.

70-5-103, Montana Code Annotated. Duty to inform owner when known. If a person finds money, goods, things in action, or other personal property or saves a domestic animal from drowning or starvation when the property is of a value of $10 or more and the person knows or suspects who the owner is, the person shall use reasonable diligence to inform the owner and make restitution without compensation, further than a reasonable charge for saving and taking care of the property. If the person fails to do so, the person is liable in damages to the owner and does not have a claim to any reward offered by the owner for the recovery of the thing or to any compensation for the person’s trouble or expenses.

70-5-104, Montana Code Annotated. Right of finder to require proof of claimant’s ownership. The finder of a thing may in good faith before giving it up require reasonable proof of ownership from any person claiming it.