Emergency Alert System

Lincoln County is served by a local Emergency Alert System (EAS) which is comprised of warning sirens in conjunction with AM radio frequency 530khz.

  • The Troy siren is located in the area of the sewer lift station.
  • The Eureka siren is located at the bus barn.
  • Libby is served by one siren at Asa Wood School and a second one south of town at the McGrade School.

A siren test is conducted on the first Monday of each month at 5:30 pm in each community. By tuning to AM 530 on your radio during non-emergency periods, important information such as current road and weather conditions, wildfire danger levels, burning restrictions or closures or other local information can be heard 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If an emergency warning is necessary, upon hearing the sound of the alert siren, tune to AM 530 for instructions and information and proceed as instructed. A good quality AM radio with fresh batteries (power may not be available) is required.

In addition to the local EAS system, Lincoln County is served by the Inland Northwest EAS system which broadcasts emergency alert information through local TV and Radio providers and would be activated as needed. Often times this alert is used for severe weather warnings for our areas. Once again, take necessary precautions and proceed as instructed.

NOTE: These emergency broadcasts are NOT currently available to satellite subscribers. To help you and your family be better prepared in case of emergencies, please click on the related links on the EMA main page or contact the Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency.

Emergency Alert Warning Sirens

Below is an audio sample of the warning siren.

Download Siren Audio: M4A