Road Restrictions

The list below indicates the status of County-maintained roads in the Eureka area.

Roads designated "Hoot Owl" are only open during the hours of  2 a.m. through 12 noon.

Roads designated "Spring Restrictions" are limited to 350 pounds per inch of tire width, during the hours of 2 a.m. through 12 noon.

The Resolution covering these restrictions may be read here.
If you have any questions please contact the Eureka Road Foreman at (406) 889-3702 or via email at:

Eureka Spring Road Restrictions

Airport Road: Closed

Ant Flat Road: Closed

Barnaby Lake Road: Closed

Black Lake Road: Closed

Brimstone: Hoot Owl Restriction

Burma Road: Closed

Carvey Road: Closed

Crystal Lake Road: Closed

Curtiss Road: Closed

Dahlburg siding: Closed

Deep Creek Road: Closed

Douglas Hill Road: Closed

Edna Creek Road: Hoot Owl Restriction

Fairway Drive: Closed

Foothills Road: Closed

Forest Loop: Closed

Fortine Streets: Closed

Fox Road: Closed 

Glen Lake Drive: Closed

Glen Lake Road to Glen Lake Drive: Closed

Glen Park Road: Closed

Grave Creek Road: Closed

Griffin Road: Hoot Owl Restriction

Hillcrest Drive: Closed

Homestead Drive: Closed

Indian Creek Road: Closed

Iowa Flats Road: Closed

Lindsay Road: Closed

Little Creek Road: Closed

Lundeen Road: Closed

Lupus Lane: Closed

Lupus Lane North: Closed

Meadow Creek Rd: Closed

Mills Springs: Closed

Mud Creek Road: Closed

Opelt Road: Hoot Owl Restriction

Orthope Lk Rd from Hwy 93: Closed

Osloski Road: Closed

Peters Lane: Hoot Owl Restriction

Pinebay: Closed

Pinkham Road: Closed

Pluid Road: Closed

Pomeroy Road: Closed

Purdy Drive: Closed

Roe Road: Closed

Sand Hill Road: Closed

Sherman Creek Road: Closed

Sinclair Creek Road: Closed

Sophie Lake Road: Closed

Stevens Road: Closed

Terning Drive East: Closed

Terning Drive West: Closed

Tetrault Lake Road: Closed

Therriault Creek Road: Closed

Tobacco Road: Closed

Tobacco Siding: Closed

Trails End Road: Closed

Trego from Hwy 93, Dickey Lake to End of Road: Hoot Owl Restriction

Trego Rd - to Edna Cr Juct.: Hoot Owl Restriction

Upland Road: Closed

Vukonich Lane: Closed

West Kootenai: Hoot Owl Restriction

West Road: Closed

Westlane Road: Closed

Whitetail Drive: Hoot Owl Restriction

Whitetail Lane: Closed