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Environmental Health Septic Permitting - Lincoln County Montana
Lincoln County Montana Septic Permitting

Septic Permitting

Our goal at the Lincoln County Health Department is to protect human health and the environment through proper treatment and disposal practices in Lincoln County. The department achieves this through education, individual registration, inspections, and a system for reporting and resolving problems.

Important Requirements

Types of Wastewater Treatment Systems

All of the types of wastewater treatment systems are subject to the current Lincoln County Wastewater Regulations which you download below.
 View the full Wastewater Regulation Here - Revision: October 2018 (PDF)

 Current Wastewater Fee Schedule (PDF)

Non-public Wastewater Treatment Systems
Environmental Health Services is responsible for ensuring that non-public wastewater treatment systems (individual/shared, multi-user) are permitted and installed in accordance with state and local regulations. Proper placement, type, and sizing of systems are based on either a Certificate of Subdivision Approval (COSA) or a site evaluation which assesses the site to determine if suitable conditions exist for on-site wastewater treatment and dispersal.

Public Wastewater Treatment Systems
Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) has primary responsibility for public wastewater treatment systems, which are defined as serving more than 24 persons for more than 60 days a year or having more than 14 connections.

Septic Pumpers
Septic pumpers are required to obtain a license from MDEQ. Their equipment and disposal sites are regulated to ensure proper treatment of waste.