Planning Forms

This page contains most of the forms relevant to the Lincoln County Planning Department.

We are continuously updating this page and our forms, so if you can’t find a form you need or have a suggestion for a form that should be on this page, please email or call. These forms may be completed online and emailed to the Planning Department, or you may print the form and deliver in person or by mail with fees (if applicable) to the planning department.

Note that our Planning Fees have recently changed, and some of the forms listed below have not yet been updated to specify the new amount. Please refer to the fee schedule which can be found HERE.


Pre-Application Form (PDF)
Variance Application (PDF)
Fire Risk Assessment Form (FRA) (PDF)

Subdivision Application (PDF)
Subdivision Submittal Checklist (PDF)
Primary Review Criteria Questionnaire (PDF)
Local Health Review Form

Final Plat Application (PDF)
Fire District Annexation (PDF)
Proposed New Subdivision Private Road Name Request (PDF)
Road Maintenance Agreement (RMA) (WORD)
Covenants, Code & Restrictions (CCR) (WORD)
Subdivision Improvements Agreement (SIA) (PDF)
Waiver of Right to Protest (RSID) (WORD)
NFPA Firewise Colmmunities Addendum (PDF)
Fire Risk Assessment POST Treatment Form (PDF)

Other Surveys

Court Order Split (PDF)
Family Transfer Application (PDF)
Procedures for a Family Transfer (PDF)
Sanitation Exclusion (PDF)
Mortgage (Construction) Application (PDF)
Agricultural Exemption Application (PDF)
Exemption Plat Review Checklist (PDF)
Certification of Exemptions (WORD)
Acceptance of Certificate of Survey – Agricultural Exemption (WORD)

Roads, Road Names and Signs

Road Sign Install Certification (PDF)
Lincoln County Road Approach (PDF)


Lakeshore Aplication (PDF)


Floodplain Application Packet (PDF)
Floodplain Joint Application (PDF)
Elevation Certificate (External Link)
LOMA Application (External Link)
** For Other FEMA Forms, click HERE


Airport Influence Area Construction Permit (PDF)

Planning Board Application

Board Member Application (PDF)