The Lincoln County Planning Department is tasked with regulating and managing floodplains in the county. This resolution is passed in order to comply with the Montana Floodplain and Floodway Management Act (Title 76, Chapter 5-MCA) and to ensure compliance with the requirements for the continued participation by Lincoln County in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Land-use regulations which have been adopted are to be applied to identify all 100-year floodplains within the local community.

Floodplain Information & Applications

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Flood Hazard Projects

Lincoln County performs flood mitigation throughout the County. These projects are intended to reduce the likelihood of flooding in areas prone to flooding; thereby, reducing the damage to property and the danger to life.

Parmenter Creek Project May 27th, 1999

Special Flood Hazard Areas

The Lincoln County Planning Department has produced special flood hazard area (SFHA) maps showing the various areas of the County that have been designated as Special Flood Hazard Areas.

City of Libby – May 31, 1974
City of Libby – January 2, 1976
Town of Eureka – August 22, 1975

Flood Insurance Studies

Flood Insurance Studies are performed by federal agencies (e.g., FEMA, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers). They provide a wealth of information about surface and sub-surface water properties and are used by surveyors, developers, and County planners to determine the suitability of land for various uses. They are also used by Floodplain Managers to determine where flood mitigation projects are needed.

Lincoln County – September 2006
City of Libby – September 2006
Town of Eureka – 1979

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