Lincoln County Planning Department

The Lincoln County Subdivision Regulations are a requirement of Montana Law under 76-3-501 MCA and were originally adopted by Lincoln County by Resolution No. 23, January 8, 1975, and most recently amended on January 20, 2010. They are designed to be used in conjunction with the Montana Subdivision And Platting Act, the Montana Sanitation In Subdivisions Act, the Uniform Standards For Final Subdivision Plats, other federal, state, and local laws, and officially adopted local plans and policies. These subdivision regulations are utilized by the governing bodies of all of the communities and municipalities of Lincoln County Government

What is a Subdivision

Subdivisions by definition include all land divisions that create parcels less than 160 acres. Also included in this definition are mobile home parks, recreational vehicle parks and certain condominiums. Subdivisions are divided into several categories based on the number of lot/spaces being created.

Subdivision Planning & Regulations

Growth Policy(PDF)
TCL Neighborhood Plan (PDF)
Neighborhood Plan Maps (PDF)
Subdivision Regulations (PDF)
Subdivision Planning Forms
Planning Fee Schedule


Subdivision Rent or Lease Regulations

Current Subdivision Applications

The link below will take you to the Lincoln County Planning Department Dropbox which contains subdivision application information including:

  • Subdivision Pre-Applications
  • Preliminary Approved Applications
  • Planning Staff Reports