Lakeshore Construction

The Lakeshore Construction Permit Regulations of Lincoln County have the authorization for review and enforcement, which is contained in Title 75, Chapter 7 “Aquatic Ecosystem Protections”, Part 2 “Lakeshores” , Montana Code Annotated, to maintain:

  • Public health, safety, and general welfare.
  • High scenic and resource values of the natural lakes.
  • Conservation and protection to continue the value of lakeshore property.

The Montana legislature has declared that local governments should play the primary role in establishing policies to conserve and protect lakes and the state have conferred such powers to local governments through 75-7-201 M.C.A.

These regulations govern any work which would alter or diminish the course, current, or cross-sectional area of a lake, or its lakeshore, within the boundaries of Lincoln County, Montana and supplement all other regulations, and where they are at variance with other laws, regulations, ordinances, or resolutions, the more restrictive requirements shall apply.

Lakeshore Information & Applications

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