Patrol Division

When assistance is requested from the Sheriff’s Office, the first deputy responding will most likely be a member of the Patrol Division. These deputies are in constant contact with the public and answer a wide variety of calls. All patrol deputies are uniformed and drive fully marked and equipped vehicles.


Sheriff’s deputies patrol Lincoln County around the clock: responding to emergencies, requests for assistance, and enforcing criminal and traffic laws. Since Lincoln County is 3,675 square miles, this is a tough task to accomplish. Deputies are also often involved in assisting local city police, county animal control, state highway patrol, state fish and game, search and rescue, fire, ambulance, and national forest calls.
All sheriff’s deputies are sworn to uphold the federal and state constitutions, and to enforce federal, state, and local laws. The deputy has the authority to enforce all laws of the State of Montana while acting within the scope of his authority and in the performance of his duties.
Deputies are fully trained and certified in accordance with Montana Public Safety Officer Standards and Training requirements. New deputies also receive intensive field training provided by specially trained and experienced deputies. All deputies receive constant training refreshers, re-certifications and advanced training.
Deputies are based out of three incorporated cities in Lincoln County: Libby in the south, Troy in the west, and Eureka in the north. See our Contact Us page for specific addresses of each of our locations.

South County Patrol

The Sheriff’s Office is headquartered within the county courthouse in Libby. Libby patrol deputies are based in Libby, but may be found working throughout the county. Libby deputies focus primarily on the outlying areas of Libby and south to the Flathead County line.  They also assist with west county patrol.

West County Patrol

One resident deputy is assigned specifically to the western Lincoln County area, patrolling from Troy to the Idaho state line, the Yaak, and the Bull River valley to the Sanders County line. Troy is about 15 miles east of the Idaho state line, and 21 miles west of Libby. The deputy augments other patrols travelling from Libby, and is able to focus most of his time in the west patrol area, though he may be found anywhere in the county as needs arise. The Troy resident deputy has an office at the Troy Police Department.

North County Patrol

Four resident deputies are assigned specifically to the North Lincoln County area serving the unincorporated areas of Eureka, Rexford, Trego, Fortine, and the West Kootenai. Eureka is about 68 miles north of Libby. The deputies are stationed at the North Lincoln County Law Enforcement Center, which is a Sheriff’s Office facility established in March 2013 in partnership with Eureka Dispatch. The Eureka Police Department and the local Montana Highway Patrol troopers are also stationed there.

Directed Operations

Deputies may be assigned to any other task that falls outside the realm of routine patrol, including high-crime areas or traffic problems.  Directed operations are based on problem-oriented policing: working to solve specific, patrol-related problems as they arise.

Task Forces

Patrol deputies are also assigned to task forces and teams such as the DUI Task Force and the Alcohol Enforcement Team which target common patrol-related issues in need of additional enforcement measures.

Community Oriented Policing

Due to our limited size and resources, all deputies are responsible for working closely and cooperatively with the community we serve.  We strive to stay engaged locally – not only as peace officers, but as neighbors and friends.

School Presentations

We have several deputies available to make presentations to school children.

Civilian Ride-Along Program

Sheriff Short has authorized a civilian ride-along program meant to give interested civilians a chance to experience a patrol shift first hand. Contact the Patrol Division to inquire about it.