Road Conditions

Road conditions and road work in Lincoln County are constanty changing. This page is dedicated to keeping the public updated on current road construction, road closures, restrictions and road conditions. If you have any questions about these projects, please contact us.



Lincoln County has adopted the following plan of operations for winter maintenance on County-maintained roads:

During storms, snow may be allowed to accumulate up to six (6) inches or until the next scheduled shift before plowing and sanding begins.

Major hills, school bus routes, mail routes, main roads, and intersections will always be given first priority.
After storms, sand, salt, or liquid de-icer will be applied as deemed necessary by the District Road Foreman to hills, curves, and intersections for added traction. Sanding in the Libby District is done under the Air Quality Guidelines.

Lincoln County only maintains county roads and those roads specified in an agreement with the U.S.F.S. Private roads and other Forest Service roads will not be maintained by the county. In addition, no sanding is done on Forest Service roads that are maintained by the county.

Lincoln County will not be responsible for the following:

   1. Snow berms in driveways.

   2. Damage to mailboxes.

   3. Damage to fences.

   4. Damage to vehicles parked in the road right-of-way.

   5. Damage to sprinklers in the right-of-way.

You can help improve driving conditions and lessen risk in winter conditions by observing the following:

   1. Any vehicle used in winter driving conditions should be equipped with winter tires or traction devices, including studded or siped tires and tire chains. All-season tires may not be adequate for safe driving.

   2. Do not park on the road right-of-way. Vehicles parked on the right-of-way are subject to impoundment and a $50.00 fine for each offense, create a driving hazard and prevent us from plowing the full width of the roadway for optimum safety.

   3. Do not plow snow from a driveway onto county roads.

   4. Do not follow snow removal equipment closer than 50 feet.

Drivers should always be aware of current road conditions and be cautious during winter driving situations. We will do our best to keep roads as safe as possible. If you are aware of any areas that become unsafe, please contact the road department in your area. The numbers are:

Libby Road Department: 293-4557
Troy Road Department: 295-4420
Eureka Road Department: 889-3702

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