Winter Maintenance

The Lincoln County Road Department’s goal for winter maintenance is to keep Lincoln County residents on the road during snowfall in the safest way possible. 

Winter Maintenance Procedures

Our first priority for winter maintenance is maintaining hills and school bus routes and then the rest of the routes. We try to remain consistent with the timing of our routes; however, occasionally timing may vary. We plow on weekends only if there are 6 or more inches of snow in a single event at lower elevations, however, we continue to maintain hills when necessary.

We are not responsible for moving trash cans or parked vehicles and not responsible for mailboxes.
Please keep this in mind and move your vehicles and trash cans out of the way. If they are in the way, they will be removed at your expense.

What can you do?

  • Know the general timing of when the plows will be on your street
  • Keep trash cans and vehicles out of the way of the plow trucks
  • Give the snow plows room to work; stay back AT LEAST 50 feet behind

How do we maintain the roads in the winter?

  • Plowing: Hills, bus routes, then regular routes
  • Sanding: Hills, intersections and corners
  • De-icing using:
    • Mag-chloride
    • Salting