Current Projects

This page is meant to inform the public about the current projects the Lincoln County Road Department is working on. If you have any questions about these projects, please contact us.
If you are looking for road conditions, please visit our Road Conditions Page.

2016 Projects

Chip sealing
In the 2016 season, Lincoln County plans to chip seal 38 miles of road through the Libby district.

Skin patches
In the 2016 season, Lincoln County plans to lay around 2000 ton of skin patches before chip sealing.

Silver Butte
Lincoln County received a $195,000 grant through the Forest Service to do maintenance on the Silver Butte Road. Over the next 2 years we will repair the bridge off of US Highway 2, install 18 culverts, define ditches, dig out soft spots, lay filter cloth and fill with pit run, widen some of the narrow areas in the beginning, repair the sluff off around the 2 mile, and lay around 10 miles of crush gravel.

Trainer Street Creek Access
Lincoln County plans to move the old washed out Trainer Street road over to the center of the Lincoln County park land property for public access to Libby creek.

Fifth Street R/R Crossing
Lincoln County plans to finish the road at the end of Fifth Street to the new proposed R/R crossing.

2017 Projects

2017 Projects Coming Soon