Lincoln County Clerk & Recorder

The Clerk & Recorder’s Office is the “record keeper” for the county, both historic and current. The mission of the Clerk and Recorder’s Office is to preserve and provide for the public a true account of real property, commissioner meeting minutes, birth and death records, and other official county records and to do so with commitment, courtesy and excellence.


The philosophy of the Lincoln County Election Department is to provide exemplary customer service to the electors of Lincoln County, the public and all local, state and federal entities. Our goal is to conduct fair, honest and transparent elections with the highest degree of integrity, professionalism and courtesy.
The election department maintains voter records, prepares for and conducts primary, general and other county elections. Preparations include certifying the local ballot, preparing ballot layouts, assembling and distributing supplies and training election judges. Visit the Elections Page Here.

Birth & Death Records

Lincoln County is online with the Office of Vital Statistics in Helena. Therefore, this office can access and issue birth and death certificates for all Montana counties currently on record. Visit the Birth & Death Certificates Page Here.


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The Clerk & Recorder’s Office is always looking for ways to further assist, educate and serve the public. MontGuides are a self-learning resource from MSU Extension. They cover a wide variety of topics from agriculture, land transfers to estate planning, and so much more. MontGuides are useful references to give information, or instructions to the public. MontGuides are free, and downloadable.

Here is the link to attain MontGuides:

Helpful Mining & Mineral Links

The Bureau Of Land Management (BLM) state offices are the only place where the complete set of land and mineral records for federal lands in a particular state, including mining claim records, are filed and available for public inspection. Anyone who has questions on mining claims or who needs paperwork related to their claim will be directed to contact the state BLM office or one of the links below.

BLM Mining and Minerals Page

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BLM Electronic Forms

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Mining Claims & Sites on Federal Lands 2019

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Lincoln County Address Search

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Below are the 2022 Resolutions
Resolution 2022-01 Holidays, Travel Rates
Resolution 2022-02 Posting Location
Resolution 2022-03 Commissioner Mtg. Dates
Resolution 2022-04 Rainy Creek (File too large, contact Clerk & Recorder for Easement Agreement)
Resolution 2022-05 Budget Amendment
Resolution 2022-06 Marijuana
Resolution 2022-07 Polling Places
Resolution 2022-08 CDBG Libby Creek Community
Resolution 2022-09 TFS Intent Fee Increase
Resolution 2022-10 TFS Fee Increase
Resolution 2022-11 PACE Program Intent
Resolution 2022-12 PACE Program Established
Resolution 2022-13 30X30 Opposition
Resolution 2022-14 LCRFD Intent to Annex
Resolution 2022-15 LCRFD Annexation
Resolution 2022-16 Elected Base Salary
Resolution 2022-17 JP Base Salary
Resolution 2022-18 Mileage Rate Adjustment
Resolution 2022-19 Emergency Declaration
Resolution 2022-20 HB 473
Resolution 2022-21 MAG / DNRC
Resolution 2022-22 FY 23 Levies
Resolution 2022-23 FY 21/22 Budget Amendment
Resolution 2022-24 Operation Green Light
Resolution 2022-25 Appt Special Deputy Atty
Resolution 2022-26
Riverside Drive of Yaak Tracts Sub
Resolution 2022-27 Amend Eureka Fire Service Area Fee Schedule


Ordinance 2018-01 Recodifying Ordinance
Ordinance 2018-02 Litter Control
Ordinance 2018-03 Dog Control
Ordinance 2018-04 Park Rules of Conduct
Ordinance 2018-05 Community Decay
Ordinance 2019-01 Silver Butte Road