Election Judge Qualifications

Why be an Election Judge

Election judges must commit the time and energy to training for and then supervising Primary, General and Special Elections. The hours on Election Day can be long and the pay (see below) will not make you rich. The pride in helping people carry out the most basic right and responsibility of a free society is truly one that cannot be equaled. If you think you qualify, please Email lcelections@libby.org or call (406) 283-2302 or 283-2304. Become a valued and appreciated member of the Lincoln County Election staff!

Qualifications of an Election Judge

  1. An election judge must be a registered elector of the county and precinct where serving. (Ref: 13-4-107)
    Exception: If the list the judges are chosen from is insufficient, or a vacancy is being filled, any qualified registered elector from the county may be appointed to serve as an election judge. ( Ref: 13-4-102)
  2. In the precinct where a candidate’s name appears on the ballot, an election judge may not be a candidate, spouse of a candidate, ascendent, descendent, brother, sister or spouse of any of those listed above.
    (Ref: 13-4-107)
    Exception:  Candidates for precinct offices may serve as election judges.
  3. An election judge may not serve without a current certificate of completion of training from the election administrator, unless the judge is filling and emergency vacancy. (Ref: 13-4-203)
  4. Additional Requirement: In a precinct with a voting system, the certificate must state that the judge has received instruction and is fully qualified to conduct an election with the system. A chief election judge may not serve in a precinct where a voting system is used unless the individual has received instruction, is fully qualified to perform duties in connection with the system, and has received a certificate to that effect from the election administrator. (Ref: 13-17-201)

Compensation of an Election Judge

Election judges are paid at least the prevailing federal minimum wage for the number of hours worked during the election, plus the number of hours spent at the instruction session(s). They are exempt from unemployment insurance coverage if their remuneration is less than $1000 per calendar year.

The chief election judge (or a substitute judge) may be paid a higher rate than the other election judges and reimbursed for the actual expense of transporting election materials.

How to apply to be an election judge:

Pick up an application at the Lincoln County Election Office

Fill out an application at  Lincoln County Election Judge Application

Call the Lincoln County Election Office at (406) 283-2302 or 283-2304

Email lcelections@libby.org