Fee Schedule

This page outlines the Lincoln County Clerk of the District Court Filing Fees.
* These fees are subject to change at anytime.       Last updated 9/24/18


Lincoln County District Court Filing Fees

     Filing Petition – $105.00

Appeal from Lower Court $30.00
     (Does not apply to Small Claims cases)

Appeal from District Court to Supreme Court$5.00
     Postage costs additional


     Of each defendant or respondent – $70.00

Marriage License Issuance 
     For issuing, filing and recording marriage – $53.00

Amendment of Parenting Plan
     Contested Only – $120.00
     (Does not apply to cases dealing solely with child support.)

Civil Commencement of Action$120.00
     by Plaintiff, Petitioner, or Appellant
     (Includes Invalidity)

Copy of Decree of Dissolution
     For each copy of a decree – $10.00
     Separately Parenting Plan or Property Settlement Agreements not Included
     (Does not include Certification)

Copy of Marriage License $5.00
     Does Not Include Certification

Declaration of Marriage$53.00
     For Filing and Recording the Declaration

Dissolution Commencement of Action$200.00
     Includes Summary and Joint Dissolution

Foreign Capital Depository Judgment
     For Filing the Judgment – $2,500.00

Foreign Judgment
     For filing authenticated copy and docketing – $90.00

Foreign Probate with Certificate$85.00

Intervention Complaint
     For filing a Complaint of Intervention – $80.00

     For entry of Judgment from Prevailing Party – $45.00

Legal Separation Commencement of Action
     For filing petition – $180.00

Probate/Guardianship/Conservatorship Commencement of Action

Substitution of Judge
     For each motion filed – $100.00
     (Criminal cases excluded.)
     For filing formal/informal or ancillary petition – $100.00

Transcript (Abstract) of Judgment
     For preparation of a transcript – $4.00
     For filing transcript from another jurisdiction – $45.00

Transmission of Record or Files or Transfer of Case to Another Court$5.00
     (includes removals to Federal District Court and forwarding appeals to Supreme Court)

Venue Change
     For filing from another District Court (Incoming) – $10.00
     For sending file to another jurisdiction (Outgoing) – $5.00


 Miscellaneous Fees

Authentication/Exemplification $6.00

Certification with seal $2.00

Copies of Other Documents
     $1.00 per page for 1st 10 pages
     $0.50 per page thereafter

Copies via Fax / Email

     $0.25 per outgoing page

     $0.50 per incoming page

Executions/Writs of Assistance/Orders of Sale
     For issuance – $5.00

     $2.00 per name per year up to 7 years
     $1.00 per name thereafter (no maximum limit)

Request Waiver of Filing Fees

If you feel you are unable to pay the District Court Filing Fees, you can request a waiver of those fees for your case or filing.

Please fill out the online form below and submit IN PERSON to our office.

Request Waiver of Filing Fees