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Lincoln County Election Form 2022

INSURANCE BENEFITS/County Pays 100% of Premiums: All insurance benefits provided are available to employees who work at least 20 hours per week on a regular basis. HR will schedule you for a new hire orientation which includes benefit enrolment at time of hire.  All basic coverages become effective on the first of the month following 90 days of continuous employment.  Open Enrolment for Health, Dental, and Vision is usually in June each year. 

HEALTH, DENTAL AND VISION INSURANCE/Employee Paid: These benefits are available to eligible employees and eligible dependents.  Costs are indicated below.

Vision Enrollment


PAID LEAVE BENEFITS: Vacation Leave, Sick Leave, Holidays

Free, confidential counselling services are available immediately upon hire through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) administered by Sapphire Resource Connection.   Lincoln County employees who work at least 20 hours per week are eligible.   This service is also available to members of our Employees’ immediate household.  

Information Sheets, EAP Provider List, & Sapphire Resource Connection website



Administered by Montana Public Employees Retirement Administration (MPERA)

All County employees are eligible for enrolment in PERS or SRS if working in law enforcement or as a detention officer.  Employees who work at least 20 hours per week or a total of 960 hours per fiscal year are required to enrol in the PERS on the first day of employment.  Any person who is currently a member in PERS when hired must participate in either PERS or MSRS.   Members contribute a percentage of their gross salary to the system each pay period.  This is matched by a county contribution of the same percentage.  Within the first year of employment, all participants must choose between a Defined Benefit (DB) Plan  or a Defined Contribution (DC) Plan for investment of contributions.  If the Employee does not choose between a DB or DC plan within the first year of employment, the Employee’s retirement monies will automatically defer to Defined Benefit Plan. Employees in both plans are vested when they complete 5 years of membership service.  Information about the DB or DC retirement options is provided at enrolment from MPERA.

Webinar: PERS New Hire Plan Choice 


Employees may participate in a deferred compensation program through VALIC or Nationwide. This optional program allows Employees to defer Pre-tax or POST- tax dollars to a supplemental retirement plan with a variety of investment options.  There is no County match for funds invested in this optional program.

This authorizes Lincoln County to do a payroll deduction.  VALIC or Nationwide might have other paperwork you need to complete to enrol or make changes.

VALIC 457 Deferred Compensation Plans Website 

Nationwide 457 Deferred Compensation Plans Website 


Lincoln County Workers’ Compensation Authority covers Employees if they incur a work-related injury or illness.  If you need detailed information, contact Dallas Bowe (406) 283-2312 or dbowe@libby.org  You will be advised how to report a work-related injury or illness in New Hire Orientation.