Message to Victims

A Message to Victims and Witnesses from the County Attorney:

You, as a victim or witness of a crime committed in Lincoln County, may feel forgotten, neglected or ignored by the Criminal Justice System. To address this, there is a program within the County Attorney’s Office set up to help you with your special concerns and needs. It is known as the Victim/Witness Program, and it offers many helpful services to you.

Many resources are available to you through the Victim/Witness Program. Victim Witness advocates are caring and supportive. They are trained to answer your questions and help you cope with the trauma you have already experienced, as well as the sometimes difficult and frustrating justice system.

The process of justice takes time. During the course of your case, you might feel discouraged, frightened, or overwhelmed. Your patience and commitment are needed to make our American Justice System work. Without your voice in court, we cannot do our job, and the system breaks down.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.


Marcia Boris
Lincoln County Attorney