The Lincoln County Victim/Witness Program and Lincoln County Crisis Solutions…
What is the difference and who should I call?

Lincoln County Crisis Solutions

Lincoln County Crisis Solutions (LCCS) is a non-profit organization which provides shelter, support groups and other types of services such as food or transportation. LCCS work primarily with victims of domestic and sexual violence for mostly unreported offenses, but can include reported offenses. LCCS offers 24 hour telephone support, emergency shelter, food, and transportation. LCCS can be reached at (406) 293-3223 or  Visit their website.

What is the difference between The Lincoln County Victim/Witness Program (LCV/WP) and The Lincoln County Crisis Solutions (LCCS)?

Lincoln County Victim/Witness Program

Throughout  the United States, Victim/Witness Programs operate either as part of the County Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Office or the local domestic violence program. Lincoln County’s Victim/Witness Program (LCV/WP) started in October of 1997 and is under the Lincoln County Attorney’s Office.

If you are involved in a violent crime as a victim or witness, once an offender has been charged with a crime, you can begin receiving services from the LCV/WP. The LCV/WP works with victims/witness of any violent crime being prosecuted in Lincoln County by providing criminal justice advocacy and support. LCV/WP is either notified of a violent crime through the prosecutor’s office, local law enforcement or the victim. The purpose of the LCV/WP is to reduce the trauma or re-victimization suffered as a result of a violent crime. The program provides assistance by helping to understand and navigate the legal system, by providing strong advocacy to victims and witnesses of violent crimes by support throughout the criminal justice process. If a victim or witness is charged with a violent offense, the LCV/WP is prohibited from speaking with a defendant in a case. Sometimes both programs work with the same victim but we provide different services.

Some of the services provided by the LCV/WP include: explaining how the court process works, personal support during the court proceedings, emotional support, information about the status of their court case, transportation to court proceedings, a secure waiting area during court proceedings, assist in protecting victims/witnesses from threats of harm and providing assistance in filling out the Crime Victims Compensation forms, along with follow up to Crime Victims Compensation. The program also works with the prison on Sentence Review Hearings or Parole Hearings allowing the victims to have input.  Ultimately, the LCV/WP strives to reduce and eliminate re-victimization and trauma to victims and witnesses. The LCV/WP can be reached at (406) 283-2415 or contact us here.