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Planning Department Geographic Information System Fee Schedule - Lincoln County Montana
Lincoln County Planning Department Planning Forms

Fee Schedule

Lincoln County Planning Department


Subdivision Related Fees

Subdivision Review
First Minor Subdivisions - $500
Subsequent Minor - $650
Major Subdivisions - $800 + $50/lot

Mobile Home/RV/Condo Development
$100 per space/unit

Fire Risk Assessments *1 *2
Minor Subdivisions - $150
Major Subdivisions - $200 plus $10/lot
Fire Risk Assessment Follow-Up - $100
Fire Risk Waiver - $50

Weed Assessments *2
Minor Subdivisions - $200
Major Sudivisions - $300 + $10/lot

Misc Fees
Preliminary Plat Extension or Condition Amendment - $100
Environmental Health Review - $100
Final Plat Review - $250
Exemption Review (Family Conveyance only) -  $150
Variance - $100

 *1: From County Approved Fire Risk Evaluators (FRE).  Mileage will be added by the FRE based on current government 

rates.  There will be a $25/hr fee for travel outside an FRE’s local area.  
*2: Off -season assessments may require bonding for work to be completed at a later date on a per acre basis fee.

Floodplain & Lakeshore Fees

Lakeshore Construction Permit - $100
Floodplain Permit - $100
After-the-Fact Permit - $500
Violations of Lakeshore/Floodplain Permits - $1,000 + $10/day until violation is corrected.  

Products & Services

New Addresses - $25
Road Name Change - $100
Road Signs - $45
Road Books (single city) - $25/Troy, Eureka or Libby
Road Books - $60/whole county
Address Books (single City)- $15 - $30/Troy, Eureka, or Libby
Maps: $5 - $15 depending on size or request