This County Attorney Frequently Asked Questions page is designed to address many common questions you may have regarding the arrest, detention and court process.
If you don’t find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact our office.

General Questions

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If the crime is in progress, you should immediately call the 911 dispatch center and provide the dispatcher with all pertinent information.

If you believe a crime has been or will be committed, contact the law enforcement agency that services your area:

City Limits:
Libby Police Department
(406) 293-3343

Troy Police Department
(406) 295-4111

Eureka City Police Department
(406) 297-2121

Outside the City Limits:
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
(406) 293-4112

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Take it to the law enforcement agency handling the case. (Lincoln County Sheriff, Libby Police Department, etc.)

{slider title=”How do I find out if there’s a warrant for my arrest?” class=”icon”}

Contact the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office: (406) 293-4112

{slider title=”If someone I know has been arrested, when will they be seen by a judge?” class=”icon”}

Usually on the next business day.
If the arrest happened outside any city limits contact Justice Court:
418 Mineral Avenue
Libby, MT 59923
(406) 283-2412
Typically prisoners are seen by a Judge between 2:00pm and 4:00pm
For more information, please visit the Justice Court online here.

If the arrest happened inside the city limits contact:
Libby City Court, Judge Lucille Briggs
PO Box 1428
Libby, MT 59923
(406) 293-4440
Fax: (406) 293-4090

Eureka City Court, Judge Stormy Langston
PO Box 313
Eureka, MT 59917
(406) 297-2123
Fax: (406) 297-2120

Troy City Court, Judge Terrie Lenhart
PO Box 823
Troy, MT 59935
(406) 295-4151
Fax: (406) 295-5921


Order of Protection

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For help on obtaining an order of protection, please visit the Victim/Witness Advocate page here.


Bad/NSF Checks

{slider title=”What do I do if someone gave me a bad check?” class=”icon” open=”false”}

Before submitting checks to the County Attorney’s Office for collection and/or prosecution, please read the Lincoln County Bad Check Policy on our website here. You can also call our office at (406) 293-2717


Contact Information

{slider title=”What is the phone number and address to the public defender’s office?” class=”icon” open=”false”}

(406) 751-6080
Regional Office: 1205 South Main Street, Kalispell, MT 59901

{slider title=”How do I contact the City Attorney’s Office?” class=”icon”}

Dean Chisholm
P.O. Box 2034
Columbia Falls, MT 59912
(406) 892-4356
Fax: (406) 892-4901
Email: dean@chisholmlawfirm.com

Troy & Eureka:
Clifton Hayden
204 Central Ave
Whitefish, MT 59937
(406) 862-2528
Fax: (406) 862-1140

{slider title=”What is the Attorney General’s phone number?” class=”icon”}

(406) 444-2026
Attorney Gerneral Website

{slider title=”Is there a local number for the State Bar?” class=”icon”}

(406) 442-7660
State Bar Of Montana

{slider title=”Where is Youth Court / Juvenile Probation Located? What is their phone number?” class=”icon”}

418 Main Avenue, Libby, MT 59923
(406) 293-9715

{slider title=”What is the local phone number and address for Adult Probation & Parole?” class=”icon”}

402 Montana Avenue, Libby, MT 59923
(406) 293-7739

{slider title=”Do you have a number for the Better Business Bureau?” class=”icon”}

Montana Consumer Protection Office: (406) 444-4500