Electronic Measurement of Surface Chloride Contamination

  • Digital display and Data logging for 500 surface tests & verification of results.
  • Download results for reports.
  • All components provided and pre-measured for testing convenience.
  • CHLOR*EXTRACT solution enhances surface chloride retrieval for accurate measurement.
  • Easy-to-use on vertical, horizontal, and overhead surfaces.

Electronic, Fast & Accurate Chloride Measurements in the Field


Retrieve Surface Sample

Use the pre-measured CHLOR*EXTRACT solution and CHLOR*SLEEVE.


Prepare Sample

Filter CHLOR*EXTRACT through the autovial and add the chloride reagent.


Test for Chlorides

Insert sample bottle into the eCHLOR*TEST meter and follow the easy directions to determine the chloride level of the surface.

Digital readout provides results in µg/cm2 - No need for conversion charts or calculations.
All materials are pre-measured and used once for convenience and accuracy.
Results based on pre-set calibrations: only use components provided by the manufacturer.

Test on Bridges, Pipelines, Marine Structures, Tanks, Concrete, other Steel Structures