GIS & Addressing

Lincoln County’s GIS staff is working to assemble a comprehensive geographic database for county-related information. Such efforts include assembling an inventory of roads; assigning and maintaining accurate addresses; assembling an inventory of refuse sites, fire stations and schools, and maintaining current parcel information. We prepare maps and assist citizens in identifying particular geographic information.

GIS Addressing

Lincoln County has recently completed the process of changing address numbers and some road names throughout the County. The major purpose of this change will be to facilitate the easy and rapid location of properties by law enforcement, fire protection services, search and rescue and emergency medical services to protect public health and safety of all persons living, working or visiting Lincoln County.
Below you can find some helpful links regarding addressing or contact us here.

  Road Naming & Addressing Guidelines (Resolution 2020-22)
  E-911 INFO
  Request for Physical Address
  Who to Notify When Moving

Addressing Fees

Maps & Road Books