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Lincoln County Victim and Witness Advocate Home - Lincoln County Montana
Lincoln County Victim Witness Advocate Program

Victim & Witness Advocate

Victims and Witnesses of crimes have rights that are protected by law. The Victim/Witness Coordinator/Advocate works as a link between the victim or witness and the Criminal Justice System. Our goal is to serve victims in a compassionate, respectful manner and provide services that lessen the impact of the abuse or crime as well as the re-victimization of the victim or witness.
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Crisis Hotlines

The Abbie Shelter
The Abbie Shelter is located in Kalispell, Montana. They have a 24 hour crisis line and excellent resources if you need to be out of the Lincoln County area.
Violence Free Crisis Line: (406) 752-7273

Lincoln County Crisis Solutions

The Lincoln County Victim/Witness Program VS Lincoln County Crisis Solutions...
What is the difference and who should I call?

What is an Advocate?

The Lincoln County Victim/Witness Program started in October 1997 and is under the Lincoln County Attorney’s Office.  If you are involved in a violent crime as a victim or witness, once an offender has been charged with a crime, you can begin receiving services from the Lincoln County Victim/Witness Program (LCV/WP). The LCVW/P works with victim/witnesses of any violent crimes being prosecuted in Lincoln County by providing criminal justice advocacy and support. LCV/WP is either notified of a violent crime through the prosecutor’s office, local law enforcement or the victim. The purpose of the LCV/WP is to reduce the trauma or re-victimization suffered as a result of a violent crime. The program provides assistance through helping understand and navigate the legal system, by providing strong advocacy to victims and witnesses of violent crimes by support throughout the criminal justice process.  If a victim or witness is charged with a violent offense, the LCV/WP can no longer provide services. As a part of the County Attorney’s Office, the LCV/WP is prohibited from speaking with a defendant in a case. The LCV/WP is funded by a grant from the Federal Government and it is monitored and overseen by the Montana Board of Crime Control. Victims and Witnesses of crimes have rights that are protected by law. A victim/witness advocate works as a link between the victim or witness and the Criminal Justice System.

A Victim/Witness Advocate can help you in many ways

  • Listen and advocate on behalf of the victim
  • Offer confidential services
  • Provide crisis counseling, emotional support and guidance
  • Explain how the court process works
  • Find out what is happening in victim's court case
  • Assist with application for an Order of Protection if a victim of physical or sexual assault and/or stalking
  • Help prepare for an Order of Protection hearing
  • Talk to victims about the Crime Victim Compensation Fund
  • Provide information about the Crime Victim Compensation Program and help you fill out the forms
  • Explain how the court system works
  • Provide information about what is happening in your court case, including dates and times
  • Advise you of any changes in court scheduling and appearances
  • Provide you a safe waiting area if you need to testify
  • Attend court proceedings with you
  • Assist you with victim impact statements at sentencing hearings
  • Notify you of parole hearings, appeals and other post-conviction relief
  • Advocate for the rights of victims on the local, state and national level