Lincoln County Planning Department Planning Forms

Planning Forms

This page contains most of the forms relevant to the Lincoln County Planning Department.
We are continuously updating this page and our forms, so if you can't find a form you need or have a suggestion for a form that should be on this page, please email or call.
Most of these form may be filled out online and directly submitted or saved to your computer and then emailed to the Planning Department.  Alternately, you may print the form and deliver in person or by mail with fees (if applicable) to the planning department.


Pre-Application Form
Subdivision Application
Proposed New Subdivision Road Name Request
Final Plat Application Form


Request for Physical Address
 Resolution #968 (Policy for Road Naming, Addressing & Signage)

Roads, Road Names and Signs

Road Name Request Form
Petition for Naming a Private Road - Road Name change
Road Sign Certification Form
Road Sign Order Form
Road Maintenance Agreement
Lincoln County Road Approach


Airport Influence Area Construction Permit

Planning Board Application

 Board Member Application