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2020 Resolution Archives - Lincoln County Montana
Lincoln County Montana Clerk and Recorder

Resolution Archives

Below are the 2020 Resolutions

Resolution 2020-01 Special Deputy Attorney
Resolution 2020-02 Holidays, Travel
Resolution 2020-03 TRFD Intent to Annex
Resolution 2020-04 Finance Department
Resolution 2020-05 Budget Amendment
Resolution 2020-06 TRFD Annexation
Resolution 2020-07 TEDD Advisory Board
Resolution 2020-08 Library/MOU Agreement
Resolution 2020-09 COVID-19 County Emergency
Resolution 2020-10 COVID-19 County Buildings
Resolution 2020-11 COVID-19 Emergency Recission
Resolution 2020-12 HB 473 Distribution
Resolution 2020-13 Amend Subd. Regs
Resolution 2020-14 COLA
Resolution 2020-15 Base Salaries for Elected Officials
Resolution 2020-16 Base Salary JP
Resolution 2020-17 Eureka Dispatch Mill Levy
Resolution 2020-18 Budget Amendment FY 19/20
Resolution 2020-19 Budget/Levies FY 20/21
Resolution 2020-20 Amend School Levies
Resolution 2020-21 FRFSA Intent Fee Increase
Resolution 2020-22 Signage, Addressing Policy
Resolution 2020-23 STIP Authorization
Resolution 2020-24 Deputy Attorney
Resolution 2020-25 Child Team



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